Laying The Right Foundation

What do you think is wrong with the world, with human lives?  You may say that our main problem is selfishness or greed.  Maybe you could say it is sexism, racism, or some other “ism.”  One could think gossip, hatred, poverty or violence is the problem.  It is really easy to say that our main problem is the government, the other political party, the boss, the bully, or the enemy we think we have.  Yet the Bible says that we have one main problem.  In fact, it is the problem beneath every other problem. We have built our lives on a bad foundation.  This lesson is the first step to laying the right foundation so that you and your family start to experince a fuller faith and life.

Each Study guide will contain an article, a memory verse, Four Daily Bible Studies, a Catechism review  on the key topics of the week, and daily Prayer.  Parents, watch the video either by yourself or with your children.  Then download the study.  Read through the article.  Introduce the memory verse to your children.  Then each day, for four days, lead the bible studies provided.  At the end of the week, test your children’s memorization of that week’s bible verse as well as their retention of the key themes from the Catechism Q & A.

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