DNA Groups

DNA stands for Discover, Nurture, Act.  Our DNA groups ideally consist of three people - men with men, women with women - who meet together weekly.  These groups gather to grow in their knowledge of themselves and their understanding and ability to speak the Gospel into each other's lives. As we understand and apply the Good News of Jesus to our lives we grow to become more like Jesus.  

You Can Download the Gospel DNA Leaders and Participants Guides here.  Find two other people to go through the Gospel DNA guide.  Take turns leading.  When you finish the Gospel DNA, each member find two other people to walk through the material with.  Tim Chesters sermon "Christian Growth" will need to be downloaded for the study. 

You Can Download the DNA booklet here.  After you've gone throught the Gospel DNA guide, this booklet gives some great tips on how to do DNA groups without a Study guide.