Who We Are

An awesome Exchange has taken place that will change your life forever! Jesus became like us, taking on our hurts, shame, and guilt, so that we might become like Him, blameless and loved children of God.

We are a community who has been captivated by the powerful love of Jesus! We now desire to live like Jesus, following his ways and loving like He loved. We believe that every person, no matter their story, is created with dignity and value. No matter how broken and hopeless you may feel, there is a home for you in His family.

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Missional Communities

What if church wasn’t a place you go but who you were?

What if being a follower of Jesus was much more than attending a church service or bible study once a week? What if every day was an adventure and opportunity to love like Jesus and to share the stories he told? What if you lived out your faith with a group of friends or neighbors in the everyday rhythms of life? You’d share meals, watch each others kids, party together, serve those in need, restore what’s broken in your community, talk about Jesus a lot, and see people begin to follow him. It wouldn’t always be easy, but it would be an amazing way to live!

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Worship Times

8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.


5195 Old Cape Road East
Jackson, MO 63755